Plunge Pool and Swim Spa Dosage


NOTE: Please use 60 ml Measure cup is provided.

Weekly Dosage

Check pH and if below 7.6 raise with pH Raiser (150grms per 5,000ltr water)

Enviro Spa Sanitiser                                          Enviro Spa Clarifier              Enviro Spa Booster

Spa Capacity 5,000 – 6,000ltr

40ml                                                                      20ml                                       120grms (2 Measure cups)

Spa Capacity 7,000 – 9,000ltr

50ml                                                                      25ml                                       180grms (3 Measure cups)

Spa Capacity 10,000ltr

60ml                                                                      25ml                                       240grms (4 Measure cups)                                                                                                                                 

Spa Capacity 13,000-14,000ltr      

80ml                                                                      40ml                                       300grms (5 Measure cups)

Spa Capacity           15,000ltr

90ml                                                                     40ml                                       360grms (6 Measure cups)

NOTE: Midweek test spa water. Adjust  Booster and pH according to test result.

Cloudy Spa: Double dose Enviro Spa Booster powder run filter 4 hours and then thoroughly clean filter. Test Booster and pH level next day adjust according to test result.  If unsure please text or ring.

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