Spa Cleaning Dosages

Enviro Spa Water Maintenance             Enviro Spa Clarifier                Enviro Spa Booster

Spa Capacity 850-1000ltr

10ml                                                       5ml                                          60 grms (2 measure Cups)

Spa Capacity 1100-1900ltr

15ml                                                      10ml                                        90 grms (3 measure cups)

Spa Capacity 2000ltr-3000ltr

20ml                                                     15ml                                        120 grms (4 measure cups)

Check pH and if below 7.6 raise with pH Raiser (2 measure cups per 1,000lt water)

NOTE: Spas need 60gm midweek dose booster.

Heavy use spas, more than once a week:

Dose midweek Enviro Spa Spa Booster, in accordance to test result.

Important: Remove a bucket of water weekly and replace with fresh water to avoid a build up of minerals and chemical monthly.  

NOTE: If Spa is cloudy double dose Enviro Spa  Spa Booster powder,  add 15ml clarifier run and then thoroughly clean filter. May take 24hrs to clear.  Test pH and adjust.

Next day test booster and dose according to test result. Check notes on Cloudy Spa

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