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Enviro Spa - Spa as Nature Intended

Spa Capacity Enivro Spa Sanitiser Enviro Spa Clarifier Enviro Spa Booster
850 - 1000 ltr 10ml 10ml 60g (2 Cup)
1100 - 1900 ltr 15ml 10ml 90g (3 Cups)

if pH reading is lower than 7.6 dose Spa with pH Raiser. 2 Measure cups per 1000lt.


To prevent cloudy water always ensure booster is present in water before using spa.

If water is cloudy during the following weeks, remove and clean the Spa Filter. This happens sometimes with new spas as the lines clear.

Then dose 2 measure cups of Enviro Spa Booster Powder and 5ml of Enviro Spa Clarifier, remove and thoroughly clean filter again.

Clean Spa Filter weekly.

Spas need 30g mid week dose of Enviro Spa Booster.

Test Spas with Test Tablets 3 days after dosing. If booster level is 3.0, add usual dose booster, If booster level is below double dose booster.

Clear = Double dose booster, pale pink normal dose rate.

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