MSPA Maintenence

Remove the filter element and clean thoroughly with Enviro Spa Filter cleaner. Continue to clean the filter daily until the water is clear.

Dose Spa weekly with all three Enviro Spa products as per the Dosage instructions. Water sanitiser is a weekly dose only. Do not over dose the Sanitiser or Clarifier.

Enviro Booster Powder and Enviro Clarifier removes the body fats and oils and brings that matter to the filter. Test the Spa mid-week with Test Tablets to ensure a high level of booster is maintained in the Spa.

The Spa requires booster to be present in the water before use as this ensures the body fats and oils are burnt out.

If Spa is cloudy double dose the Booster Powder. Test the Spa the following day to ensure the Booster is at level 3.00.

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