MSPA Inflatable Spa Dosages

Inflatable Spa Dosing

NOTE: 30ml Measure cup provided

Weekly Dosage

Enviro  Sanitiser  Weekly                                                                       Enviro Booster Weekly

Spa Capacity 850-1000ltr   

10ml                                                                                                       60 grms (2 measure cup)                

Clean filters every 2nd day if using spa regularly.

Check pH and if below 7.6 raise with pH Raiser (2 measure cups per 1,000lt water)   


NOTE: Mid week. Check levels and adjust pH and Enviro Booster according to results.

NOTE: If Spa is cloudy, double dose Enviro Spa Booster powder, run filter and then thoroughly clean filter. May take 24hrs-48hrs to clear.

Important: Next day test Booster and Ph level . Dose in accordance with test result.

Soak in Enviro Spa Filter Cleaner liquid, 3 measure cups provided in a bucket of hot water, 15 minutes.

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