First use of Enviro Products

Discontinue dosing the spa with all other products. Remove nature 2 stick if previously using. CheckChlorine/Bromine has a nil reading, do this with your previous chlorine test kit.

Shock dose the spa with 2 cups (measure cup provided with kit) of Enviro Spa Booster Powder (This will help treat water in pipes).

Filter approx. 1 hr during this time run the blowers and jets through a cycle, this will help to clear pipes.

Note: After adding the shock dose, the water may turn dirty, cloudy or foam. This is normal. You may wish to dump at this stage which is recommended or if not wishing to dump continue as follows:

Remove the filter element and clean thoroughly soak in Enviro filter cleaner then hose thoroughly. Check pH level (test kit provided) before proceeding to dose.

Ph should be 7.6 approx. Raise if pH is low, (pH Raiser is in pack), before dosingIf reading is higher than 7.8 do nothing as spa is ok to dose, but check the pH level the next day as sometimes this may take 24 hours to settle.

If pH level is still high dose with an extra 30grams of Enviro Spa Booster Powder.

First Dose:

Dose according to dose sheet provided,  We recommend double dosing of booster powder as this will clear any residual from previous products.

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