Cloudy Spa Clean Up


 If spa is cloudy:

  • Dose 180grms (6 measure cups) of Enviro Spa Booster powder. Per 1000lt water, 3 cups pH raiser per 1,000ltrs water.
  • 15ml Enviro Spa Clarifier. Per 1,000lt water. DO NOT DOSE Clarifier if Inflatable Spa.
  • Run jets for 10min and then allow spa to filter, next day remove filter soak in hot water with Enviro Spa Filter Cleaner,20 mins, rinse by hosing thoroughly.
  • Important: 24 hours later, dose 120g of Enviro Spa Booster powder (4 measure cups) per 1,000ltrs water. 60 gr (2 measure cups) pH Raiser per 1,000ltrs water. This ensures the water will stay clear.
  • Cloudiness will clear, may take 1 – 2 days.
  • If water is not clearing, ensure when testing the Booster is at the top level DARK pink
  • The water should end up clear and clean with no odour detectable.
  • Remember to clean the filter often as this is the “kitchen tidy” of your spa.
  • Renew filters after 18 months.

If weekly dose is due:

Dose Spa with your required dose of Enviro Spa Water Treatment (Sanitiser), Enviro Spa Clarifier and Enviro Spa Booster Powder.

  • If weekly dose is not due then;
  • Relax and enjoy your champagne!!!
  • If the spa is dirty or smelly after the above routine, it may be time to change water. Remember water should be dumped every 3/4months.

If any questions, please phone or text, 0422 061 419 (anytime) or email from web site.

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