Contradicting Concepts of the Economics of Personal Health

It is amazing to see people drinking $1 bottles of water to avoid tap water and then sitting beside a chlorine and bromine treated swimming pool. A swim in that pool equals more than 1 year of drinking chlorinated water and has 10 times the number of toxins and carcinogens at thousands of times the level of tap water.

Vapour Dangers

The dangers of chlorine and bromine are not only within the water, but the vapour from the water. The air from such a pool or spa subjects those around it and the household near it to continuous breathing of such a damaging chemical mixture. Carbon, paper filter and ionic air filters will not remove these chemicals from the air you breathe. The harmful air vapours surrounding a chlorine and bromine treated pool or spa make it a 24-7 health danger.

Protecting Childern and Grandchildren

The health damage of chlorine and bromine are cumulative. The younger the person, the more likely they will develop serious, permanent or fatal disease, birth defects of their own children and the other extremely harmful health effects. Compounding this is that young children tend to swallow more water in a swimming pool.

While you may be so old that filling your body with permanent toxins and dioxins increasingly is a risk you will continue to take, it is unthinkable to have children swimming in such water with the long term devastating health damage well known.

One recent study revealed that a non-smoker with a chlorinated pool is over twice as likely to develop cancer as a heavy smoker without a pool. The high number of pools and spas in the United States may well be the reason that cancer rates in deaths in the United States generally are 200% to 600% higher than other countries, with similar differences in many other degenerative diseases. Many Americans are putting toxic waste pits of the most powerful toxins and carcinogens in the world in their backyards and then swimming in it.

Combining Chlorine and Bromine

EVEN WORSE, some pool and spa suppliers urge using both chlorine and bromine together - which doubles their sales. Combining chlorine and bromine is the second most powerful cancer-causing liquid mixture only surpassed by drinking highly radioactive liquids.

When combined, chlorine and bromine make 97 carcinogens, 82 mutagens, 28 acute and chronic toxic contaminants and 23 tumor promoters. Many of these complex chemicals resulting from the conversion of chlorine and bromine to other chemicals permanently accumulate in a person's body fat. Each time exposed, the level of carcinogens, mutagens, toxins and tumor promoters increases. With each increase, the risk of cancer increases to a point of it no longer being a question of if the person will develop cancer. It is only a question of how soon.

To dive into a swimming pool and claim "see, I'm ok" is no different that a person holding up radioactive material making the same claim. Both cause permanent carcinogens and health damaging elements permanently with the person's body - primarily in body fat. The more the exposure, the higher the level becomes.

Who makes such a claim? Essentially every chemist, doctors in the field of environmental toxins, the EPA, medical researchers, and essentially all health professionals and experts in the fields of cancer and toxins, except those employed by the chemical manufacturers of chlorine and bromine.

Chlorine also is the number one cause of household poisoning and is particularly dangerous to children.

Beyond the extreme health dangers and damages caused by chlorine used in water, it also is the single most dangerous of all chemicals to have at home. For instance, in 1997, 217,989 calls to the Poison Control Center. Of those calls, 62,023 were about chlorine. So, that means that 28.4 percent of all calls were related to poisonings by chlorine products. What's even more important, most of those calls were about children under 6 years old.

Chlorine and bromine are two of the most deadly poisons in existence, both in immediate killing power and long term killing power on the DNA and cellular systems. These toxins kill everything, including people.

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