303 Aerospace Spa Cover Protectant

Product Code: 303 aerospace

Price: $37.00

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303 Protectant conditions beautifully and prevents fading & cracking.  We recommend only 303 Aerospace Protectant. We've tested them all, and this is quite simply the best product of its kind.  Featuring an Earth-friendly, non-toxic formula, it will add years to cover life.  With regular use, 303 blocks up to 100% of harmful UV to prevent sun damage

Vinyl treated with 303 Aerospace Protectant blocks UV Rays, maintains new appearance.

Sunlight breaks-down unprotected surface. Plasticizers escape, vinyl cracks, fades and fails.

Using the wrong vinyl treatment product is worse than using nothing at all!  In fact, a well-known automotive vinyl treatment contains silicone oil, which is death to vinyl. Avoid products that contain any type of oil, have a greasy feeling, contain petroleum distillates, or leave a coating that dries like wax.

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